Official Best of Texas!!!

Voted Official Best of Texas again this year. When it comes to fun, relaxation, and cruising on the water, Austin’s Boat Tours is the area’s local expert. A short drive from downtown Austin to Lake Travis brings you to their evening sunset cruises or weekend outings – trips designed to give you that “on vacation” feeling without the airport hassle.


Just sit back and relax while Master Captains Austin and Angel along with their fantastic team take you on a trip that you will never forget. Once you are settled in, they will guide the boat wherever you’d like to go… to Devil’s Cove if that’s your style or possibly under the The Oasis for the perfect view of the setting sun. Relaxation ensues.

What We Offer

  • Our New Vacation Rental!!!
  • Now Offering 1-3pm and 5-7pm Day/Sunset cruises all week-
    Call for Details!
  • Ask about our off season discounts as well!!
  • Flyboard Rentals and Lessons
    For more Flyboard information, visit us at
  • Luxury Party Barges 15 to 25 people comfortably; restroom and grill
  • Baja Speed Boats Hold 5 people; cruise in style at high speeds
  • Jet Skis Hourly rentals
  • 2 Hr Sunset Tours Mon-Thurs, Individual Ticketing on Barges
  • Scuba Dive Outings Explore the depths of Lake Travis
  • Cove Cab Rides to and from other Party Barges/ Boats
  • Tow Assistance
  • $50 OFF All Party Barges Monday-Thursday!!!

Boat Tours

With friends and family by your side, sit back and soak in the candy-colored sunset from the bow of a luxurious boat where it’s BYOB&B (that’s beer & barbecue, together…Yes!) Bring your favorite beverage and food to grill! There’s a ladder going up to the top of the boat on the 15 person Barge or a spiral staircase on the Double Decker to the top floor so you can climb up and have that belly flop contest with your friends you’ve always imagined!

Whether you are looking to have a family-oriented relaxing time or you are looking to party like it’s 1999 with your college buddies, we have you covered. We specialize in making you feel comfortable no matter what the occasion you have in mind is. Birthday parties, Bachelor parties, Anniversaries, or just lounging on the lake with friends and family are all perfect for this fun excursion.

DO NOT risk getting a BWI (Boating while Intoxicated) boat rental when you can have us take you around on a boat charter with your own captain who even serves and cooks for you.

Towing Service

Hopefully you are never stranded with a bent prop or bad starter out in the middle of the lake either, but don’t worry, we will come out to your rescue. We carry Towing Endorsements and will help you out at a very reasonable rate… You do not want to call an expensive towing service!